Kaladesh Draft #2

By Draftaholics

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 The Games

In round one I faced a fairly aggressive RW vehicles deck. Game one I found myself on the back foot immediately and never recovered. Game two was closer but I found myself racing against flying trains which I can see becoming a universal term for futility.  I put in a decent effort, threatening lethal on my next swing with my opponent needing to play a four power creature in order to crew their Aradara Express. Their play was Toolcraft Exemplar, triggering Inventor’s Goggles. Sad face.

Round two I faced an almost mono-red artifact based deck. I curved out superbly and didn’t get to see much of what they were up to in either game.

Round Three I came up against an excellent UG energy deck with Architect of the Untamed and Rashmi. I had some mana issues in game one and got destroyed by Rashmi. Game two was a ripper! I was again getting wrecked by Rashmi but convinced my opponent to block one of my small attackers allowing me to use Impeccable Timing. I then managed to begin making huge constructs and stabilize with Oviya, eventually flying over the top with Eddytrail Hawk and a flying Longtusk Cub. Game three I was stuck on three lands for too long and got rolled.

I didn’t get to see much of my opponent’s deck in round four. I curved out nicely and the games were short.  They were playing RG and from what I saw they went pretty heavy on big vehicles but couldn’t scrape together a crew for them. They did get quite a bit of damage in one game with a Ruinous Gremlin that was making a Giant Spectacle of it’s self and getting Larger Than Life in game two but it took a harpoon to the chest.

Record: 2-2